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You can join and get introductions for free. But if you really want something to supercharge your involvement, you can own your region (if it's not already taken).

UK Regions Remaining
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1What is a region?

In the UK, a region is a post code area. For example AB, AL, B, BA, and so on.

You can own this within our system. As an owner you help us build membership numbers in your region. We will develop lots of members through our own marketing and publicity, but your help will escalate this further and faster.

2Every single person who joins The121Platform in your post code is automatically introduced to you.

This means you can create your own business network. With our help. Hundreds of new contacts you can interact with, who will be introduced to you as the regional owner. You will still also get introductions, if suitable, from members outside your region, as well.

3You will share in the site revenue generated in your region.

As we develop the platform we expect to build revenues, from members using the shop, from other areas such as Gold membership (coming soon). You will get a percentage of all revenue derived from members in the region you own.

4How much does it cost and what is the deal?

Each region is in a tier depending on its size and the number of businesses in the region, and the cost varies based on the tier, between £95 per month and £180 per month. You have to commit to a minimum of 12 months, but hopefully you will stay with us for much longer!

But don’t forget, for this cost you will have your own business network developing with lots of new contacts and you will be sharing in site revenue, so you can expect this to become profitable in a short period of time, so it makes you money (on top of the new contacts you get).

There will only be one regional owner per region. So act fast!

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