Frequently Asked Questions


The concept is simple. There are many businesses and business people as members of The121Platform from all backgrounds, sectors, with different skills and experience. If you need help/support in your business we will almost certainly have a member or members who will be prepared to provide this. We use the crowd or the pool to take your request for support and find the right person or people to get in touch with you.

There is really no limit or restriction here (within reason). It could be something to do with marketing, sales, finance, a legal problem, a staffing problem, someone to talk to about an idea you have, short-term support through a challenging period,  or you have a technical requirement. Just think of anything you have a need for which can be described as ‘support’ and we will be able to find you the right person or people.

We use the database of information we have on members to identify ‘crossovers’ where your experience and expertise could be relevant to a question asked. You may therefore get emails from The121Platform from time to time seeing if you can help with a request. Also, within your account area you will see the most recent support questions and requests put up on the site and from there you can (through the site) initiate an introduction to provide the answers or expertise required.