Frequently Asked Questions


Once you join and become a member of The121Platform, you will be introduced to other businesses and business people. If you accept the introduction, you will have a business card of your new contact added to your account. And you will then get to talk or meet with them. In this way each individual member can build a reliable list of business cards alongside their account, giving them their own business network.

When you join we create a business card for you, which is your identity on the platform. The Platform will then start sending you possible introductions, and if you accept these, your business card will be added to their account and theirs to yours. That card then acts as a starting point for you to speak or meet, as you can record your progress on their card in your account. So, the business card doubles up as storing the details of your introductions, plus keeping a record of how this develops.

Not really. The main difference is that we use the platform to not only make introductions, but also because of the member ethos, these should be much more than a casual connection - the idea is that you should speak/meet and develop possible mutual benefits which work away from the site. The other significant difference is that you cannot see other people's accounts. This privacy aspect means everything is one to one (hence the name of the platform). Plus, finally your account has no 'feed', you are not seeing lots of promotional stuff, adverts, chat or anything like that. The only objective is to allow you to build your contact list.

The site uses a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work out who you will be introduced to, and this AI includes intelligent progression. This means that over time the site should work out what sort of introductions work for you and which don’t. You have control in two ways. One, you can ”talk” with the site to direct what happens introduction wise. Two, you will choose whether to accept an introduction or not, you can reject any put to you by the site, so you are never obligated to do anything.

It’s a case of pursuing a philosophy of it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Most people get this instinctively, if your contact list is large and made up of just the right sort of people and you manage this well, you can gain all sorts of business benefits and advantages. The problem we have found with many other business networking sites is that there is just too much going on and you can have literally 100s of connections but no real idea who they are. The goal of The121Platform is to maximise the number of really valuable new people you can get to speak with/meet.  Think of the site as your business magnet, your eyes and ears, your go to place for cutting through the chaff.