Frequently Asked Questions


There are two types of courses. Ones we have developed ourselves. These are Mind Training courses. We also have courses offered by other members to you. Based on a members skill-set or knowledge, these will help you learn about their area of expertise. These two types of courses are often very different to anything else commonly found in the market. Both in terms of the content and the way the courses are delivered.

When you sign up to a course, the course  material is delivered to you via email, normally on a one-email-per-day basis so the courses allow you to learn on a day by day basis, over a set period, which can be anything from a few days to a month. It varies from course to course, but typically this will require 30 minutes of your time per day. And if you miss a day or days, you can pick up as required or as suits. You control the pace of your development. Some courses are free, some require a small initial cost to buy the course.

Mind training is a way of improving how you think. Training your mind is proven to have the most dramatic and positive results of just about training one can do, regardless of industry or sector. Improved thinking can be transformational and can help business people escalate their performance in many ways, including enhanced decision making, greater efficiency, persuasion techniques, superior organisation and time management, and can even change how other people perceive you.

Yes. We would be delighted to host a course on the platform and make it available to other members. Please contact us, we may be able to help you  create your course, if required.