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Completely transform the power of your thoughts

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About this Course

The Business Mastermind – a course to completely transform the power of your thoughts. Over 37 days you will need to give around an hour per day to complete this course

Based on the work of Wallis Wattles, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Paul Mckenna and Anthony Robbins

Improving and developing one’s thinking has such profound benefits and in so many areas of one’s life and work, that it seems odd anything could ever be more important to anyone in Business.

Take as one example the efforts to gain more customers.

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How it Works

1You enter payment details and an email address

Buying this course simply requires you to fill out the payment details and this includes your email address.

2We email you

Each part of the course will then be emailed to you as one folder, in full, however we strongly advise that you follow the course on a daily basis every day for 37 days. You should not try and quicken the course or complete it in a shorter time frame than suggested.

We will also email you each daily segment of the course early a.m. every day for the duration.

3You complete reading and/or exercises daily

The course entails between five and fifteen minutes of reading each day plus suggested exercises and tasks, which can also include further reading.

You will probably need to consider allocating an average of one hour per day to the course reading and work.

Sample Content

Please find here the first three days of the course:

day 1 information

day 2 content

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