Applying the Mindset of an Olympic Champion

Learn how to adapt Olympian training standards in your business

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Applying the Mindset of an Olympic Champion – a course to adapt Olympic training standards into your business and work. Over 35 days you will need to give around an hour per day to complete this course

Citius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger

This course will show you what it takes to become an Olympic Champion. With the aim that we can take the lessons from this, model these into a business environment and outline how anyone, in business, can use them to rapidly develop their own performance to the highest levels.

Pursuing this course will help you understand how big you can make your development, how far you can truly succeed, and how fast you can succeed.

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Each part of the course will then be emailed to you as one folder, in full, however we strongly advise that you follow the course on a daily basis every day for 37 days. You should not try and quicken the course or complete it in a shorter time frame than suggested.

We will also email you each daily segment of the course early a.m. every day for the duration.

3You complete reading and/or exercises daily

The course entails between five and fifteen minutes of reading each day plus suggested exercises and tasks, which can also include further reading.

You will probably need to consider allocating an average of one hour per day to the course reading and work.

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