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Introductions and Referrals

Receive introductions with our automated system to help you build, expand and develop your own personal business network.

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Courses designed to help you with enhanced thinking, making improved decisions, and learning the art of exceptional execution.

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121 Support

Get help and support from other 121 members. If you have issues, challenges, questions or goals someone else can help with - use this part of the site to get what you need.

What are you joining?

A worldwide community of business people who want to help each other, meet each other and work to mutual benefit.

The121Platform is different to other networks in many ways:

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There is no public profile

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There is no chat, public forum, advertising, selling or hassle

The site drives new contacts to you, people who you will want to get to know, meet and who you can work with.

Join the community to get introduced to new business contacts, access to unique training and provide or receive business help.

What happens after you have joined the site and community?

Once you have joined The121Platform, you get access to three different services. Tailored introductions, unique training courses and providing/receiving support.

1Introductions and Referrals

You can sign in whenever and wherever you want and work with the platform to get introduced to new business contacts minus the time usually required to make solid connections.

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2Training and Courses

You can access the courses on the platform and you can even upload a course you have created for other members to access. So, if you have knowledge or a specialty and want to coach other members, you can do so via the platform.

3Business Support and Help

You can offer your expertise to other members through the business support and help section, and you can also request assistance with an area your business may be struggling with.

4Your Account

We are proud of our sophisticated platform, where your data is kept secure and nothing is made public.

You are able to manage your account with no technical skills through our totally intuitive account management.

Simply join, access your account and get all of these invaluable benefits working for you immediately


1You build your profile

You simply build a profile, which you share with us, and which is held securely between you and us to help us manage your requirements.

2You tell us who you want to meet

You then set out, via your profile, your ideal introduction, the business or business person you want to meet and why. You are telling the platform who you want to meet.

3We introduce you to other members

The platform then drives introductions to you, new contacts, and only then is your profile shared, and if you choose to pursue the introduction, it is added to your profile as a new contact. Providing you with the opportunity to expand your personal business network. And no one else gets to see this.

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Support and Help

1You fill out our simple form

We require information about your business in order for our system make an informed calculation on who is best fit to help you with your problem.

2Our system searches for members who fit the criteria for the help you require

Using the information you provided, our system searches for a suitable member to assist you.

3You and another member converse

You discuss the problem with the member found and figure out an appropriate solution.